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Municipal Engineering
Municipal Engineering
Development Review


The firm’s partners have completed subdivision and site plan reviews on behalf of local municipalities.

Road Reconstruction


The firm’s partners have completed the design approvals and contract administration for a number of road reconstruction projects. The projects included replacing watermains, collector and trunk sanitary and storm sewers and the pavement structure.

Land Development
Land Development
Subdivision Design

We offer a full range of services from topographic survey, conceptual design, preliminary and detailed design as well as tender preparation and contract administration. We coordinate all necessary reports and the submission of Draft Plan Approval, Zoning By-Law and Official Plan Amendment applications.

Commercial Development

We provide all necessary services to complete Site Plan Approval Applications for commercial developments. We complete the site grading and servicing design as well as stormwater management reports.

Site Plans
Site Plans
Lot Grading Plans


We complete the topographic survey of the lot and prepare a grading plan for submission to the municipality in support of your building permit.


Cobide Engineering will provide a conceptual site plan in support of your severance application to demonstrate the viability of the proposed lots

Contract Administration
Contract Administration
Cobide Engineering provides contract administration services for all construction projects. Cobide Engineering will complete the following for all contract administration assignments:
  • Progress Payment Certificates
  • Progress Reports
  • Change Orders
  • Meeting Minutes
  • All required post construction documentation including
    • Sewer Testing Documentation​
    • Watermain Testing Documentation
    • As Built Drawings
Road Construction


Cobide Engineering will complete all necessary approvals and engineering design to complete the construction of new roads including intersections and roundabouts.

Road Management Plan

Cobide Engineering will assess all of the roads within the municipality and complete a road management study to outline the 5 year plan for capital and maintenance projects to ensure the municipality’s roads are maintained at a safe level of service.

Engineering Studies
Engineering Studies
Stormwater Management

Cobide Engineering will prepare the stormwater modelling to assess the existing and proposed conditions. A stormwater management facility will be designed to meet MOECC and local conservation requirements.

Municipal Class EA

Cobide Engineering will complete the Municipal Class EA in accordance with Municipal Engineers Association guidelines.

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